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By: Rajesh Khavale Hi readers, I am Rajesh again I am thankful again to all the readers who had responded my earlier incidents and I am back again with a incident happened just during my Its year engineering For all the new readers let me introduce myself. I am a well built stud with 5'10" Height in late 40s staying in Pune. The incidence happened when I was studying in my year of engineering. Till that time I was Lucy enough to have sex encounters with few women. I was staying in a single room bachelor’s accommodation in the chawl in Pune that time. The chawl was two stored building with six one room bachelor’s accommodation while other consoles were two or three room blokes for family tenants. There was a common passage for all the blocks as it is common in most of chawls. A gujarathi family was staying just opposite my room. A husband, wife and son of 4 or 5 years studying in Montessori. The heroine of my story is Sudha bhabhi, the gorgeous wife of my neighbor. The husband was running a grocery shop in nearby lane. Her son also used to come home from his school 1.30PM. After taking lunch both of them take afternoon nap. Sudha Bhabhi was in her late twenties & was really a beautiful woman. About 5”5” high, fair color, Long & black hair, Round face, black eyes. She was owner of most beautiful triangular boobs with pointed nipple always prominently projected above her blouse. She used to wear transparent Gujarathi Sari very carelessly which used to reveal most of her mounts and half of her chest. Her one conical boobs is always out of her sari pallu and feast for me. She was slightly towards fleshy body, stats may be around 36-30-36 or so. She has slightly big and loose ass always swinging when walking making feast for my eyes. Her rosy luscious lips and chubby buttery chicks used to ignite lust of chewing them. I always fascinated towards fleshy women and Sudha was perfectly fit to my idea of dream woman. So she fit in my heart when I saw her first time. She was frank with everybody but never shown any signs of seduction. So I was not getting any clue to fuck her. A horny woman named Seema was coming to us daily to collect cloths for washing & ironing. After she collects the clothes from different houses her husband used to take the clothes for washing a modest beauty but terrific assets & also sex crazy. I was enjoying looking at her assets but never had urge to fuck her but she was crazy about me & always used to look quite seductively towards me. She was very talkative and always gossiping about the tenant’s women living in our wada. Her way of talking was very rough & seducing. Whenever she used to talk with other family women of the wada she was talking in general but when she was talking with me she was always talking about the affairs of the women residing in the Wada in a sexy manner. & trying to seduce me. I decided to take help of this woman to hang up Sudha bhabhi.One day I bunked my afternoon classes to complete my submissions. Seema came to my room in pretext of getting some quick fun from me. I asked well about her but she did not answer and was bucking about some shit woman. I asked her whether she knows affairs of all the women in our chawl. She challenged me she knows all the affairs going in the nearby. I slowly asked about Sudha. Cunningly looking at me she said she knows but tell me about her only if she gets quick fun for her. I agreed for the same. She went behind, closed & bolted the door. It seems she was determined today. She pulled her sari above her waste, pushed down her panty exposing her lower part & laid on my single bed spreading her thighs wide open. Her hairy pussy was glittering with the juice she secreted in anticipation of wild fuck she is going to get from me. I had never experienced such straight forward approached. I was very horny with libido of Sudha bhabhi and already ready with my straitened rod. I opened her blouse and also my clothes quickly. Sitting in front of her I started pressing her huge balls roughly. She started moaning heavily and requested me to press her boobs hard. I pressed them very hard & lifted her thighs on my shoulders. I requested her instead of just pulling her clothes can she removes the same quickly. She refused for the same as she was in hurry and she told that she is expecting her husband any time & asked me to fuck her fast. I was in no mood to fuck her with her sari in between and I told her if she is ready to give me full pleasure then only I will come on the top of her. Saying this I pulled her sari & blouse out of her body & asked her to sit in front of me. She was sitting helplessly in front of me but liked my aggressiveness & gave me nice smile. I just pulled my Lund and pushed it in her mouth. Raising her head she started popping my hard Lund in her mouth. I enjoyed the French fuck for some time then I bend over her bulged pussy and probing my tongue on her pussy folds stated licking it. She had never imagined of my act & cried in loud voice “Ui maa…. Sssssaaaaaa….! I want your rod in my mouth.” I immediately turned in 69 positions and again gave her lollipop to her waiting mouth. After nicely licking her pussy dry I just pulled her two legs on my shoulders and brought her slit wide open in front of my Lund. I wanted to fully enjoy this woman and started rubbing her erect boobs and rubbed my cock on her hairy pussy lips. I took her T1/ T2 in my mouth and started smooching the same & also squeezing her boobs wildly. Her pussy started secreting thick juice and its aroma filled in my small room. Her smooth pussy petals were completely wet and she pulled my penis inside her choot giving me enormous joy by holding my Lund tightly in her pussy. She was continuously moaning very sexily and driving me nuts. I started giving slow & hard strokes which she was enjoying with wild moans “Ahhaaa…..” I was wildly sucking her tongue while she was continuously pushing her tongue inside my mouth & we both were testing our sweet saliva. With some hard push & pull for about five minutes I emptying my load in her pussy. Emptying my juice in her pussy was definitely better place than bathroom enjoying with self hands. She stood & cleaned my Lund with her tongue quickly and her pussy with her petticoat. Quickly dressing up she told “Sudha Bhabhi don’t have any affair with anybody but if I want she can pull her to my bed.” Lovingly caracing her taunt nipple I pushed a 100 rupee note in her blouse and said “You will get better reward for it.” She was enough glad for my act but returned my currency note and told me “It is for my pleasure I am coming here & I am not greedy for money but for your thick rod. I will try my best to bring Sudha bhabhi willingly on your bed if you please me time to time” It was really a time pass feast for my celibate Lund and agreed for the same & requested her to fulfill my desire to fuck Sudha in return fulfilling her fucking lust.Some days passed. I was eagerly waiting for that day to fuck Sudha. Seema was silently preparing sudha’s mind to get that sex enjoyment from somebody other than her husband. She was also time to time giving me report about the progress of change in the attitude of Sudha and also enjoying my thick rod in return. One day seema came to me & gave me good news. “Sudha is requesting me to introduce some handsome & strong man to fulfill her hidden lust & I have suggested her your name.” she said to me. She also informed me that she had told Sudha that against her wish only she will try to hang me. She never gave any clue to Sudha that I am interested in sucking & fucking her. After a week or so, I felt Sudha was giving me stealing stairs and also giving me a sweet smiles whenever I used to pass her. I realized that my time has come. Sudha alone used to go to nearby temple every evening leaving her son for playing. I also started to follow her to temple catching her time. I used to follow her from behind feasting her beautiful ass. She used to give me nice smiles turning her head behind. I was readily responding her by pressing my penis on my pant indicating my lust for her. After some days distance between us vanished & we starting going together. She opened herself with me & freely discussing different issues with each other. Even we were talking about our personal life. She always used to tease me on my girl friends. One day I told Sudha “ Look bhabhi, I don’t have any girl friend. In fact I don’t like immature girls as my company. I like company of mature & beautiful ladies like you. I am very happy in your company & eagerly wait for the beautiful evening when we meet.” She become very glad hearing this from me & took my hand in her hand. The magic of her touch started showing its effect on me and my tool started feeling uncomfortable inside my trouser. I caraced her hand in mine and give her signal. Her face started showing reddish shades. she just turned her face to hide her emotions from me. We silently proceeded to temple. Next day was some festival day. She told me that she is planning to prepare shrikhand puri (sweet dish) for lunch. If it is convenient for me I should come to her house for lunch. I was just waiting for such opportunity to visit her house in afternoon time when she used to be alone in her house. I agreed her proposal. That full night I could not sleep. I was dreaming about her throughout the night. I played all that games I intend to play with her next day. I got up slightly late in the morning due to uneasy sleep in the night. My night pant was stained by multiple exploding of my load inside it. I don’t know how many times I shot my load inside my paint in the night even without touching my lund. I was so excited that I was not even willing to do even my morning courses but immediately I realized that I Have to be ready well in time & left my place. I hurriedly took my shower and wearing special dress. I went to the market had my breakfast and purchased a nice bouquet. I kept myself ready for the show & stood in the gallery in front of my room.. At this time of the day normally it is quite silent in the chawl. Every man folk was out for their business while the women were busy with their work in their respective houses. No body was seen in common places. I was waiting eagerly for around one hour in anticipation of her invitation Around 11 am she came to the balcony and waved her hand and called me. I sprayed some nice scent, took the bouquet and went to her house with trembling foot. I reached her house and rang the door bell. She opened the door and welcomed me. It was two room console with kitchen and hall cum bed room. Her dining table was placed in kitchen only. I went and hand over flowers bunch to her & well wished her. She gave a million doller smile to me and placed flowers in nearby flower pot. I sat on one of the dining chair and we started chitchatting. She was busy in her cooking showing her beautiful back and meanwhile giving stairs to me between chats. I was enjoying her beautiful swinging ass from back with dreamy eyes. While still cooking she dipped her one finger in the pot of shrikhand and putting in front of my mouth asked me to lick it. I opened my mouth and engulfed her thick and spongy finger with my mouth & sucked lovingly. It tasted so sweet on her finger that I bite her finger lightly with my teeth. I don’t know what was so sweet, Shrikhand or her finger. I kept on chewing her finger under my lips & she was also not in hurry to remove it from my mouth. She closed her eyes and gave a inviting moan. I pushed her on my lap and closed her lips with mine and started roaming my hand on her ack. She wetted my lips running her tongue on my lips & chewed it with light moan. Then she dipped a spoon in pot of shrikhand and offered me to eat it. I took it in my mouth. Again taking her mouth in my lips & passed part of it to her mouth chewing each others tongue.She enjoyed my lips along with Shrikhand but hurriedly stood from my lap & ran to hall. I could not understood her act and worried about missing the chance. After waiting for some time I found that she did not returned to the kitchen I just followed her and went in to hall to to see her. I saw her standing near the bed and smile on her face & maping the floor in shear shy. I just glance on the room. The main door which was open when I entered in the room was bolted now and even curtains also were straightened. I understood her intensions. I stood in the door frame silently scanning her & waiting for her invitation .First time I observed her in dark gaudy sari with her pallu moved out of her shoulder showing her two glorious mountains. All could I hear was my throbbing heart beats. She was looking like godess. Seeing me not proceeding towards her she lifted her head and called me towards her nodding her head. I moved towards her and encircling my hand around her sholders & took her in my embrace. I sat on her bed taking her in to my lap. The warmth of her body & her closeness was boiling my blood in my vanes. I lightly kissed her tender lips just by brushing my lips on it. Lifting her chin I looked in her black wet eyes. I saw mixture of lust and shy in her eyes. Her soft lips were vibrating in lust inviting me to bite them more vigorously . while her eyes were mopping the floor in shy. My blood was heating up & heart pondering with great speed. I pushed my hand on her bare boobs inside the blouse and lightly pressed it. Her boobs were bouncing inside her blouse. I lifted her chin & looked deeply in to her eyes. There was shyness and eagerness, both at a time in her eyes. They were demanding something form me. I passionately put my trembling lips on her utterly buttery lips again. She also started responding me and we started wildly kissing each other. Our hands were exploring our body frantically. Within a minute we made each other’s face wet with our saliva. My hand started exploring her body, first her triangular boobs and then massaged her soft ass. I explored every part of her body and finally I rolled my hand on the top of her pussy mingling there for some time. She was pressing my head towards her boobs inviting me to suck them hard. I took my hand on her boobs and started twisted her sharp & taunt nipples. Its hardness was competing with my hard penis. I took her vibrating body encircling my arms and embraced her with full force. Her erect boobs pressing against my chest and passing 1000 volt shock waves in my body. It was to much for her. She started moaning loudly. Slowly she pushed her hand below my waste and pushed my T-shirt above my head opening my broad chest. My hairy chest was driving her to suck my only hairless & erect nipples on my chest. Her well shaped protruding boobs were in front of me inviting to suck them vigorously. I put my hands on the hooks in the blouse and opened them slowly. When I opened two hooks her boobs sprang out of bra.. I hurried opened her remaining hooks and took out her blouse from her arms. She was not in a mood to wait and sprang her hand behind and opening bra hooks & took it out. Her smooth and well shaped boobs inviting me to take care of it. She pulled my hand & keeping on her erect boobs “ Press it hard” she murmured. I put my palm on it & started furiously caracing the same. “Amah…aahhh…aahhhh….oouuuccchhhh…” She was now heavily moaning and encouraging me to press it wildly. She started swinging her head in right left ways uncontrolingly & moving her hand all over my bare chest. She pushed my head towards her nipple and requested me to suck hard. I followed her word and took one of her bouncing nipple in my mouth while coupling my other hand on the other boob massaging it. Her hand moved fast and helplessly trying to loosen my Bermuda string. I helped her taking out it along with my underwear. I was fully nude with my 6.5” tool saluting high in the air this beautiful lady. I was eager to unwrap her sari. I pulled her pallu and unwind her from her sari. The petticoat was the only clothe in between us which in no time I pushed down pulling it’s string. My sex goddess was standing in front of me only in panty like Goddess Rati flaming me from in & out. Her choot mould was protruding and very prominently felt above her panty & wet spot on the top of it was driving me to suck it hard. Sudha a beauty of heaven willingly surrendering herself and requesting me to tour her to her own land that is Heaven ! I also took out her ornaments & also unclipped her hair pin to release her black long silky hair to roll on her boobs till ass lobes. Her white boobs were playing hide & sick under her black long hair. Holding thick band of her hair I pulled her face towards me & pushed my tongue in side her mouth frantically. We were French kissing so madly that we were literally dirking each other’s saliva. Our hands were exploring each other by roaming our hands all over the body. She was I think more interested in my penis and trying to move again & again towards it while as I was not knowing which of her body part to take up first. I moved my hand first on her boobs then her ass lobes and pussy. It was not ready to rest at one part but wanted to grab every thing at a time. Intermittently she was pressing,& then pulling my lund and brushing it with her wet cunt in side her panty. Suddenly she pushed her panty down & freeing her self by kicking it pulled my lund on the opening of the cunt & started brushing it. “Cool down baby, I will take care of it too !” I said. Her cunt was glittering with drops of her womanhood fluid. She was hopping & breathing heavily. Her boobs were dancing at bullet train’s speed with her every breath. It was driving me wild and forcing me to press her all assets with more & more vigor. I decided to go cool shifted my full attention to her heavy two bombshells. I lifted her on the bad & slid side by side facing each other. Again I pressed my lips on her taunt nipples and started sucking it. She don’t wanted to leave my lund from her hand and stroking and brushing it on the opening of the pussy. I smooched her right nipples & crushed her other boob from bottom as hard as possible making her to moan in pain & ecstasy. Then I slid to her cute & long choot. I poked my nose in side her pussy and started smelling it The aromatic smell of her vijanal juice intoxicating me I moved my hand on her banana trunk shaped thighs and massaged it vigorously. The curly hair on the rosy lips of cunt were shining with her cunt juice Suddenly her pinkish brown labia folds flounder out of her choot. It was tossing out in her pussy like fish out of pond. My mouth took the charge of it immediately & started sucking vigorously. I lapped her whole valve dry with my tongue. “Aaaaaaaaaahh,” she moaned loudly. Pressing my lips hard on her lips I some how shut her mouth to avoid her voice going out of the room As I had pushed back for sucking her pussy, my lund slipped out of her hand and she was left with nothing. She became restless for the want of the same. I suggested her to go for 69 position. Without loosing time she turned around and took my thick lund in her mouth. She engulped the entire length in her mouth & remained mothionless to take complete feeling of my thick & sexy rod . My lund was wet with the precum Sudha licked it clean from it’s bottom and started sucking vigerously from it’s bottom to the top. The chop chop sound building unbearable pressure and I started bobbing on the bed thrusting more & more length in her mouth. She was so expertly sucking my lund that I started screaming loudly in ecstasy. The pressure was building in both of us and she arched vicing my head between her thighs & attained orgasm in full big bang. Her heavenly nectar filled my mouth and also wetted my face. I drank her honey as much as possible & also licked that left on her cunt hair bush. It was too much licking her juice along with the hair. I was trying to hold my juice inside my balls but failed & erupted in her mouth like volcano. She shut her mouth & drank it fully without wasting a single drop. She was pressing my balls wildly to get more & more from it.We separated from each other & lied on the bed gasping heavily & fully sweated. We laid there for some time to gain our strength back for further enjoyment. She opened her eyes & looked towards me lovingly. We had made mess of the things and feeling wet because of our own lavas and sweat. She dipped her petticoat in water in nearby bucket and sponged my body with it pinching me here & there.. Intermittently she was grabbing & pressing my limp tool to bring to its glory that she had experienced few moments back. We again engaged our lips & started smooching each other vigorously. She put her tender hand on my limp penis & started stroking slowly. In no time it came to life and started flapping in her hand. I was fanatically pressing her boobs and ass lobes. She started moaning again. “ it’s paining there” in seducing voice she complained. “ where?” I asked her. She pulled my hand and keeping on her wet cunt “Here” she replied. & pulled my lund towards her choot. I vigorously scratched my nails all along the length of pussy walls and also above it. I also played and pushed her pussy hair. Then I pushed her flat on her back & came on top of her. Our full bodies were brushing with each other. She pulled my flag post like lund & started pushing it inside her pushy which smoothly slid inside her pussy and touched her womb. Though my lund went inside her pussy smoothly it was quite tight. She kept her two hands on my ass lobes and stated pushing me inside her. I slowly started stroking her pussy initially with slow & long strokes and suddenly increased the speed. She pushed hard my ass against her body and tightened me on her body thus stopping my strokes. “I am not in hurry. Pl give me long and slow strokes. I want it for more time.” She cried. I reduced my speed and again started giving slow and long strokes. My balls were slapping her thunderous pussy triangle with sweet notes of thak, thak sound. With my every stroke she was arching her body to push her pussy towards me to take my fully aroused lund deep in side her pussy. My six incher beetle diving deeply inside her juice pond to test her heavenly nectar opening rosy petals of her sweet lotus pussy. I encircled my legs catching her legs and pulled them closer. My penis crushed in her pusy lips & giving my enormous fun during brushing against her viginal lips Pushing my two hands under her ass lobes I started gyrating her ass to brush my tool more & more inside her pussy. I was now eager to take her to more height of sex pleasure and try some less known sex position. I decided to go for lazy man position. I pulled my legs sitting taking support of her bed rest. I leaned back & gently lifted her on my spread thighs. Now She was sitting on my thighs facing towards me. I lifted her two legs and pushed above my shoulders. Pushing my two hands below her ass lobes I lifted her above my thighs and brought her pussy hole in front of my tool. She got the clue and pulled my lund in her pussy. Holding her ass I swing her body against my lund and started in out in sitting only. “ Oh god ! This is tremendous !” saying this she increased her speed of pushing her pussy against my erect & straight tool. My dream of enjoying her all moulds at a time fulfilled with this position. Her beautiful boobs were bobbing in front of my mouth to suck her erect nipples, My tool was churning her pussy mould and my both hands were enjoying her spongy broad ass lobes. Her milky thighs were wrapped on my shoulders. My blood started churning inside my veins to generate my semen ambrosia out of my blood. Her pussy was flowing with her juice wetting the bed sheet & making her pussy more & more creamy and delicious. Sudha was screaming with top of her voice & I was worried that some one next door may listen to it & disturb us. I chopped her lips with my to stoppe the sound. “ Yes Yes my dear, fuck me fuck me hard. I never enjoyed this way any time.” she fusriously cried. I was realizing that she was on the verge of her second orgasm. I hurriedly took her out of my embraced and spread her flat on the bed . I don’t waned to fill her pussy in that position and waste my juice. I wanted to pour my full semen in missionary position only. I came above her pressing her full body against my 70 kg weight & started jamming her. She was restless & wanted to enjoy my each stroke. Suddenly She arced her body & shuddered shattering orgasm. I furiously pumped her pussy with full speed & collapsed on her body showering flood of my hot seamen in her already flooded pussy. We lied there for some time with my semi hard tool inside her pussy. It was already 1 PM For last around one hour we were engaged in pleasing each other. Shutting our eyes we lied for some time. We started feeling hungry now. She got up from the bed & colleted her & my clothes. She kissed & tossed my underwear towards me & stood beside me without wearing the clothes, fully nude. She wanted one more round but we both realized that it will not possible to please each other after such a hard work. She came near me kissed on my fore head & pullign my limp rod in her hand “ Thanks Rajesh for this heavenly experience I never imagined. I don’t want to loose this cock through out my life. Now I can not live with out it. Promise me that whenever I want this you will not refuse it” For me it was like a blind man asking one eye to god and god blessings him with two eyes. I happily agreed for it We kissed passionately and she started wearing her clothes. I thanked god for giving me such glorious opportunity to fuck my dream woman. Our relation continued for another six months when I shifted my accommodation In 2nd year of Engineering.